About Us

Adam Eve, born in 1755, a farmer’s son from Scartho near Grimsby opened his first shop in October 1781 during the reign of King George III at 1 Market Place Louth, where you will still find the shop today. The small lattice-windowed shop began as a drapers and grocers. Although Adam’s original shop was small, he saw a bright future and as he prospered, the shop became a rendezvous for the gentlemen of Louth and the district. Ten years after first opening his shop, Adam purchased the James Street wool spinning factory (shown above) and began to make the exquisite flat weave carpets, for which Louth became renowned.

Following Adam’s death in 1831, the carpet factory was run by his 3 illegitimate adopted sons, John, Henry and Charles Paddison. The factory closed in 1883, however, Adam’s shop continued to flourish and expand. It was run by John Campbell, Charles Bowmar and in the 1870s by members of both the Eve and Ranshaw families. More recent owners of the shop were Charles and Eric Vamplew and Christopher Sandwith. Today, following in his father’s footsteps, David Sandwith and his family continues to run Eve & Ranshaw in the tradition of family ownership and independence.